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  • To provide support and wellbeing groups that aid the healing of women affected by domestic abuse. 

  • To provide training and awareness for community groups.  

  • To signpost and provide links to other organisations where appropriate.  

  • To provide support to children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

We host a variety of events to raise funds for our vital work. Keep scrolling to find out about and get involved in our upcoming fundraising events.

  • Could you help lead the vision as a Trustee member? 

  • Could you hold a fundraiser for WORTH? 

  • Could you volunteer time and skills to lead a wellbeing session?

  • Are you a faith group, community group or organisation that would like to hear more about WORTH? 


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Just because you have spent days/months/years unaware of your worth does not mean its too late to wake up and learn it

Andrea Russett

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