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Domestic Abuse

awareness within the church


Although WORTH is not a Christian organisation, our founder and CEO, Robyn Riggans, has a faith background and is trained in church leadership.


1 in 4 women experience domestic abuse and it may be surprising to know that this includes women in church. For domestic abuse survivors, knowing they have a supportive church will provide assurance that when they are ready to open up they can do so in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

We have identified that there is a need for specific training around domestic abuse within churches, and that women of faith have particular needs and difficulties related to their faith and the domestic abuse they have experienced. 

We have developed specialist domestic abuse awareness training for churches and community groups, in order that they may partner with us and deliver our services locally in their own communities. 

To find out more about this training and our price plans please email: 

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