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Reasons women may not leave an abusive relationship

It is important to note some reasons why women who are abused don’t just leave. It can be hard for an outsider to understand why she stays. Abused women are scared and frightened of their partner. The thought of how he will react if she tries to leave will be a horrific thought. He may have already threatened to hurt or kill her, the children, and the pets if she leaves. When a women is at the point where she is ready to go it is usually the most dangerous time and must be handled in a safe and appropriate manor.

Some other reasons why abused women may not seek help and leave:

  • She may feel no one will take her seriously.

  • She may be scared her children will be taken away, or even given to the abusive father.

  • She may not have any place to go.

  • She may have no money at all. 

  • She may be so low and warn out that she can’t make the decision.

  • She may not want to up route the children. From school, friends etc.

  • She could well still love her partner and hope he will change.

  • She may dread the stigma of being a single parent or an abused women.

  • She may feel she can’t due to her faith.

  • She may be too ashamed to admit the abuse.

These women need to know they will be believed and supported. That they have places to go who can help. Such as safe houses, housing, money, transport, prayer.

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