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Am I in an 
abusive relationship?

It can often be hard to recognise the signs of an abusive personality while you are involved. Especially at the beginning of a relationship. 

Domestic Abuse is all about power and control. Can you see the signs in your relationship? Are you afraid of your partner? Take a look at this list and see anything resonates with you.

  • Is he overly jealous and possessive?

  • Does he insult you? Put you down?

  • Does he mock you in front of others?

  • Does he isolate you? Stop you seeing family and friends?

  • Does he verbally abuse you?

  • Does he physically abuse you? (hit, shove, slap, kick etc)

  • Does he threaten you?

  • Does he blackmail you into doing things?

  • Does he threaten to hurt people you care about?

  • Does he threaten to take the kids if you leave?

  • Does he threaten to hurt the pets?

  • Is he like Jekyll and Hyde? Charming then Abusive, like two different people.

  • Does he control all the finances, including your money?

  • Does he damage things that belong to you?

  • Does he damage the property?

  • Does he decide what you are wearing? Eating?

  • Does he lock you out the house?

  • Do you have to change your plans to fit in around him?

  • Does your day depend on what kind of mood he wakes up in?

If you feel that actually you can relate to any or some of these questions or if they trigger another experience that you feel is not healthy, please get in touch. WORTH is a safe space to ask questions and to talk things through.

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